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Board of Admin

The business and affairs of the CIE (Hong Kong) are managed by the Board of Administration (BOA) consisting of the following Board Members in the period 2018 – 2019. The Board of Administration consists of the followings:

Position Name Photo Sub-committee Leader CIE Divisional Representative
Chairman Mr. Ken Lo Ken Lo    
Immediate Past Chairman Dr. T M Chung Dr T M Chung  

Division 2 - Physical Measurement of Light and Radiation

Division 6 - Photobiology & Photochemisty

Division 8 - Image Technology

Vice Chairman Mr. Roger Ng Roger Ng

Technical Publication

Professional Short Course

Vice Chairman Mr. Patrick Yu Patrick Yu External Liaison (Overseas)  
Hon Secretary Ms. Macy Wong Macy Wong    
Hon Treasurer Mr. Peter Lam Peter Lam    
Members Mr. Thomas K C Chan Thomas Chan    
Mr. Lawton Lee Lawton Lee Technical Visit / Event  
Mr. Simon Chung Simon Chung    
Ms. Sunny Kong
Sunny Kong
Membership Welfare
Mr. Spes Stanley Ku Specs Ku    
Mr. Jackson Leung Jackson Leung

Web Master

Membership Card

Division 3 - Interior Environment & Lighting Design
Mr. Joseph Leung Joe Leung External Liaison (Local)  
Mr. Johnny Wong Johnny Wong    
Mr. Steve Wong Steve Wong    
Mr. Thomas H M Chan    
Division 4 - Transportation & Exterior Application
Mr. Hugh Wong      
Mr. K S Mak KS Mak

Professional Short Course

Membership Welfare

Mr. Anthony Chong      
Mr. Jason Cheung Jason Cheung  
Division 4 - Transportation & Exterior Application
Mr. S H Lun S H Lun    
Mr. Chris Tam      
Mr. Daniel Wong      
Mr. Jack Tsang Jack Tsang Technical Visit / Event  
Dr. Tommy Wei Tommy Wei External Liaison (Overseas)
Division 1 - Vision & Color


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