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Cie Publications

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2.2: Colours of light signals, 2nd ed. (1975)
13.2: Method of measuring and specifying colour rendering properties of light sources
13.3: Method of measuring and specifying colour rendering properties of light sources New edition (1995)
15.2: Colorimetry, 2nd ed. (1986)
16: Daylight (1972)
17.4: International lighting vocabulary, 4th ed. (Joint Publication IEC/CIE)
19/2.1: An analytic model for describing the influence of lighting parameters upon visual performance, 2nd ed., Vol.1.: Technical foundations (1981)
19/2.2: An analytic model for describing the influence of lighting parameters upon visual performance, 2nd ed., Vol.2.: Summary and application guidelines (1981)
22: Standardization of luminance distribution on clear skies (1972)
23: International recommendations of motorway lighting (1973)
29.2: Guide on interior lighting,2nd ed. (1986)
30.2: Calculation and measurement of luminance and illuminance in road lighting, 2nd ed. (1982)
32.A: A Points Speciaux an Eclairage Pulic
32B: Lighting in situations requiring special treatment (in road lighting)
33.2A: Depreciation ET Entretien Des Installation D’eclairage Public
33B: Depreciation of installation and their maintenance (in road lighting)
34: Road lighting lantern and installation data: photometrics, classification and performance
39.2: Recommendations for surface colours for visual signalling, 2nd ed. (1983)
40: Calculations for interior lighting: Basic method (1978)
41: Light as a true visual quantity: Principles of measurement (1978)
42: Lighting for tennis (1978)
43: Photometry of floodlights (1979)
45: Lighting for ice sports (1979)
47: Road lighting for wet conditions (1979)
48: Light signals for road traffic control (1980)
49: Guide on the emergency lighting of building interiors (1981)
51: A method for assessing the quality of daylight simulators for colourimetry (1981)
52: Calculations for interiors lighting: Applies method (1982)
53: Methods f Characterizing The Performance Of Radiometers And Photometers
54: Retroreflection : Definition and measurement (1982)
58: Lighting for sports halls (1983)
59: Polarization: Definitions and nomenclature, instrument polarization (1984)
60: Vision and the visual display unit work station (1984)
61: Tunnel entrance lighting: A survey of fundamentals for determining the luminance in the threshold zone (1984)
62: Lighting for swimming pools (1984)
63: The spectroradiometric measurement of light sources (1984)
64: Determination of the spectral responsivity of optical radiation detectors (1984)
65: Electrically calibrated thermal detectors of optical radiation (absolute radiometers) (1985)
67: Guide for the photometric specification and measurement of sports lighting installations (1986)
68: Guide to the lighting of exterior working areas
69: Methods of characterizing illuminance meters and luminance meters: Performance, characteristics and specifications (1987)
70: The measurement of absolute luminous intensity distributions (1987)
72: Guide of the properties and uses of retroreflectros at night (1987)
73: Visual aspects of road markings (joint technical report CIE/PIARC; French translation: Aspects visuals des marquages routiers is available from PIARC) (1988)
74: Roadsigns (1988)
75: Spectral luminous efficiency functions based upon brightness matching for monochromatic point sources, 20and 100 fields (1988)
76: Intercomparison on measurement of (total)spectral radiance factor of luminescent specimens (1988)
77: Electric light sources: State of the art – 1987 (1988)
78: Brightness-luminance relations: Classified bibliography (1988)
79: A guide for the design of road traffic lights (1988)
80: Special metamerism index: Change in observer (1989)
81: Mesopic photometry : History, special problems and practical solutions (1989)
82: CIE History 1913 – 1988 (1989)
84: Measurement of luminous flux (1989)
85: Solar Spectral irradiance (1989)
86: CIE 1988 2 spectral luminous efficiency function for photopic vision (1990)
87: Colorimetry of self-luminous displays – A bibliography (1990)
88: Guide for the lighting of road tunnels and underpasses (1990)
89: Technical Collection 1990:
89/1 Result of a CIE detector response intercomparison
89/2 Photobiological effects of sunlamps
89/3 On the deterioration of exhibited museum objects by optical radiation
89/4 Guide for the measurement of underground mine lighting
90: Sunscreen testing (UV.B) (1991)
92: Guide to the lighting of urban areas
93: Road lighting as an accident countermeasure (1992)
94: Guide for floodlighting (1993)
95: Contrast and visibility (1992)
96: Electric light sources – State of the art – 1991 (1992)
98: Personal dosimeter of UV radiation (1992)
99: Lighting education (1992)
104: Daytime running lights (DRL) (1993)
105: Spectroradiometry of pulsed optical radiation sources (1993)
106: CIE collection in photobiology and photochemistry (1993)
106/1: Photokeratitis
106/2: Photoconjunctivities
106/3: A reference action spectrum for ultraviolet induced erthema in human skin
106/4: Photobiological effects in plant growth
106/5: Malignant melanoma and fluorescent lighting
106/6: On the quantification to environmental exposures: Limitations of the concept of risk-to-benefit ratio
106/7: Terminology for photosynthetically active radiation for plants
110: Spatial distribution of daylight – Luminance distributions of various reference skies (1994)
111: Variable message signs (1994)
113: Maintained night-time visibility of retroreflective road signs (1995)
114: CIE collection in photometry and radiometry (1994)
114/1: Survey of reference materials for testing the performance of spectrophotometers and colorimeters
114/2: International intercomparison on transmittance measurement – Report of results and conclusions
114/3: Intercomparison of luminous flux measurement on HPMV lamps
distribution temperature and ratio temperature
114/4: Distribution temperature and ratio temperature
114/5: Terminology relating to non-selective detectors
114/6: Photometry of thermally sensitive lamps
115: Recommendations for the lighting of roads for motor and pedestrian traffic (1995)
116: Industrial colour difference evaluation (1995)
118: CIE collection in colour and vision (1995)
118/1: Evaluation of the attribute of appearance called gloss
118/2: models of heterochromatic brightness matching
118/3: brightness- luminance relations
118/4: CIE guidelines for co-ordinated research on evaluation of colour appearance models reflection print and self- luminance relations display image comparisons
118/5: Testing colour appearance models: guidelines for co-ordinated research
118/7: CIE guidelines for co-ordinated future work on industrial colour-difference evaluation
122: The relationship between digital and colorimetic data for computer-controlled CRT displays (1996)
123: Low Vision Lighting needs for the partially sighted
124: CIE Collection in Colour and Vision 1997
125: Standard erythema dose, 1997
126: Guidelines for minimizing sky glow, 1997
127: Measurement of LEDs,1997
128: Guide to the lighting for open-cast mines, 1998
129: Guide for lighting exterior works area, 1998
130: Practical methods for the measurement of reflectance and transmittance, 1998
131: The CIE 1997 interim colour appearance model (Simple version) CIECAM97s,1998
132: Design methods for lighting of roads, 1999
134: CIE collection in photobiology and photochemistry, 1999
134/1: Standardization of the terms UV-A1, UV-A2 and UV-B
134/2: UV Protection of the eye
134/3: Recommendations on photobiological safety of lamps, A review of standard
135: CIE Collection 1999 Vision and Colour Physical measurement of Light and Radiation
136: Guide to The Lighting of Urban Areas
137: The Conspicuity of Traffic Signs in Complex Backgrounds
138: Journal of Light & Visual Environment-The Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan 2005 Vol.29
139: China Illuminating Engineering Journal Vol.2. No.1, November 2005
140: Journal of Light & Visual Environment-The Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan 2005 Vol.30
141: Glare and Uniformity in Road Lighting Installations 1990
142: Glare Evaluation System for user within Outdoor Sports and Area Lighting 1994
143: The Basis of Physical Photometry 1996
144: Guide for the Lighting of Sports events for Colour Television and Film System 1989
145: Fundamentals of the Visual Task of Night Driving 1992
146: Guide on the Maintenance of Indoor Electric Lighting Systems 2005


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