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Design Competition Details

Design Competition of Lighting Fittings for Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL)


The objective of the Design Competition on Lighting Fittings for Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) is to promote energy saving technology into wider domestic applications. It is essential that participants of this design competition to gain experience in identifying user and other relevant issues in a design process, in which arguments will be formulated to support design concepts, and design will be developed up to mock-up/model making stage to evaluate the soundness of ideas.

This design competition is joint-organised by CIE (Hong Kong), Department of Building Services Engineering of HKPolyU, School of Design of HKPolyU and EMSD, HKSAR.


Megaman (HK) Electrical & Lighting Ltd.

Philips Electronics Hong Kong Ltd.

Osram Prosperity Co., Ltd.


Design Competition Brief

The Design Competition is open to full-time and part-time students from all post-secondary education institutions, including universities, IVE, etc.

The Design Competition consists of two stages: The first stage is a Design Proposal and those qualified will proceed to second stage. The second stage is the Model developed based on the first stage Design Proposal. A subsidy will be given to the team selected for stage 2 for the model development in the second stage.

Stage 1 Design Proposal Submission:
The participants can choose from one of the follow areas for their design proposal:
The Design Proposal should be in report format with detailed information of the lighting fittings to address the technical and design issues, with final coloured rendering and exploded view drawings, etc. Please download the Design Submission Form and fill in the form to make submission.

Stage 2 Model Submission:
A production cost of not exceeding $5000 would be given to the selected finalists. The number of finalists would be determined later. The model submission includes the delivery of working prototypes by the deadline on 31 Jan 2005.

Organizing Committee

Mr. George LING (Convenor), (EMSD)
Mr. Simon CHUNG (CIE HK)
Mr. Peter CHAN (CIE HK)
Mr. Joseph LEUNG (CIE HK)
Prof. Yanta LAM (PolyU)
Dr. T.M. CHUNG (PolyU)
Mr. H.W. TSENG (up to 31 Oct 04) (EMSD)
Mr. E.C. VY (from 1 Nov 04) (EMSD)
Mr. S.W. LO (EMSD)

Judging Criteria

The entries will be judged on the basis of the:


Champion (Gold)
First Runner Up (Silver)
Second Runner Up (Bronze)
The Design Award
The Creative Award
The Cost-Effectiveness Award

Target Dates

Competition will be launched in September 2004 and final submission will be in Jan 2005 and Award presentation and exhibition will be in March 2005.


The members of the Judging Panel tentatively include:- The judging panel's decision on the result of competition would be final.

Intellectual Property

The owner of the intellectual property for the design submitted is the participant and the responsibility of such issues rests solely on the participant. The organizers of the function are not responsible for any claims arising from any such intellectual property infringement.

The organizers of the function have the right to display and promote the submitted designs and models in the design competition and all subsequent related activities after the event.


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